The realtor's personal safety training that saves lives.

Empowering Realtors to stay vigilant, be alert, and help protect against the worst-case scenario.

Safety Training

Prevention Protocols

Defensive Tools

According to the 2020 NAR Safety Survey, In one year nearly 60,000 members were victims of violent crimes, including assault, sexual abuse, rape, robbery, and murder.

The Unspoken Truth is...

  • 33 Agents are killed each year and more are assaulted

  • The number one risk to realtors is Homicide

  • Meeting strangers, in isolated areas, in homes alone, sets you up as a perfect target

  • The best strategies that can save your life instead of cost you your life.

Is your Life Worth an Hour of Your Time?


Discover 3 secrets that can save your life

Carrying pepper spray, having a safety app, or even carrying a gun will not protect you in a dangerous situation and could even escalate the violence and cost you your life

The #1 reason why you may feel unsafe when showing a property is not knowing what the most important safety protocols are, and following them routinely

The right and wrong way of de-escalating a dangerous situations as a woman in Real Estate

After Brenda's Realtor Safety presentations-

Female agents feel empowered, confident, and have peace of mind!

Be aware of the best strategies when seconds count to save your life!


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