Who Am I And Why Should You TRUST Me?

Brenda Wise

Brenda Wise is an acclaimed public speaker, highly regarded leader and personal safety expert. For nearly four decades, Brenda has been educating businesses all over America. sharing her revolutionary approach to a safer community, and captivating audiences everywhere with her in-depth knowledge and charisma.

Her plethora of experiences compliments her 30 years as a professional speaker/trainer, making her unique background an asset to her sessions. Comfortable on the speaker’s platform and a natural in the training room, Brenda’s presentations come alive, captivating and motivating her audience. By using a combination of audience participation, humor and role playing, participants retain the information so they can access it in a potentially dangerous situation.

This dynamic one-hour program is fast-paced, entertaining, educational, and empowering!

LIVING SAFELY IN A DANGEROUS WORLD shares helpful and potentially life-saving information on the topics of personal safety.

After experiencing every woman’s nightmare--a predatory intruder in her own private bedroom at age twenty-two --Brenda’s ability to calmly deescalate a life-threatening encounter, ultimately saved her life. This traumatic experience set her on the path of teaching her life-changing work. Her mission is to liberate women from the fear of being the next victim. Her solution is simple: empower women to be better educated and in control of their own physical wellbeing by arming themselves with both the knowledge and resources to defend themselves against an attack.

While sporadic acts of violence can appear seemingly random, Brenda’s philosophy shifts the narrative for her clients by reminding them that no one plans on being a victim. Rather, it is every citizen’s personal responsibility to take actions on best practices and ways to stay safe. This type of foundational training is the only thing standing in the way of them becoming the next victim. Without this necessary information, Brenda’s clients remain helpless and powerless. Brenda’s in-person or online course is the perfect pairing to complement her Smart Wise Protection personal safety tips and product line.

If your personal safety is important to you, it's time to invest.


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