For three decades Brenda Wise of Smart Wise Protection has been consistently educating businesses all over America. By using a combination of audience participation, humor and role playing, participants retain the information so they can access it in a potentially dangerous situation.

This world class presentation is dynamic, high energy, entertaining and educational. Designed to leaves attendees feeling empowered knowing they have the necessary resources to take control of their life and their safety.

Safety doesn't have to be boring!

Safety Training

Education is the key to prevention because attendees learn situational awareness and different strategies to use in each situation which can prove lifesaving.

Safety Protocols

Knowing how to respond and react in a crime situation can do one of two things, it can save your life or cost you your life! Common responds "if only I had these strategies before being confronted, it could have prevented further injury and trauma.

Defensive Tools

Understanding the differences between mace and pepper spray. Knowledge is key, having the most effective tool available can make all the difference in threatening situations. We will also discuss why firearms may not be the best weapon choice for you.

What attendees have to say about Brenda.

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Clientele Includes: Hewlett-Packard • Dupont • U. S. Customs • U. S. Government U. S. Navy • Sentara Health Systems • JCPenney • Old Dominion University • Wilcox & Savage • Hechts • Seeman’s Automotive • NASA • Stihl • Girl Scouts of America • National Association of Women Business Owners • Opryland • Estee Lauder Companies • Verizon • Bank of America • Berkshire Hathaway • Public School Systems • Dominion Virginia Power • McPhillips, Roberts, Dean • CBN • Ameriprise Financial

Speaking Topics

Living Safely in a Dangerous World

This is a great option for your organization or for a spousal program. This one-hour high energy, entertaining, fast paced, and educational program designed to reduce and prevent anyone from becoming a victim of a crime. Corporate America, professional groups and the US Government offer these programs to employees. Reduce corporate liability, enhance employee morale, make it a safer work environment.

Brenda also speaks on other communications topics.

Relationship Marketing Mastery

The key in business today is all about building and maintaining relationships currency with your prospects, clients, and customers. The best way to accomplish this is consistent follow up that keeps you top of mind and automatically increases repeat and referral business. Why not reduce your budget and strategically spend it on clients you currently have rather than 10X the cost to acquire new customers and clients?

Why they BUY, why they say YES: Strategies for better communications

BANK: is a revolutionary methodology, validated by science to predict the communication strategies of your co-workers, colleagues and prospects in less than 90 Seconds.

As a master trainer of neuro-linguistic or neurosciences and a behavioral expert I have found a profound advantage in the workplace by utilizing better communications skills to improve productivity, better relationships at work and home. Also, gives you a better sense of how and why an individual’s respond and react as they do. This body of knowledge is the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the world today! This is my #1 requested topic in business.

Managing Organizational Change: Personal Change precedes Organizational Change

Now more than ever in our history we are living in a changing environment. The challenge that many do not have the skill set to help themselves adjust let alone a team or entire organization. As a result of resistance in the work force the changes however valuable, are not integrated due to individuals sabotaging the process. This instrument is explicit in identifying and managing through the process of change in the workplace with the least resistance. This topic is also based in the neurosciences which reach into how the brain processes change and the neurological connections that either help the process or sabotage the process. A fascinating body of work designed by my business partners. The book is entitled “The Change Cycle: How People can Survive and Thrive in Organizational Change.

“Presenting Magically”

Many individuals in the workplace are required to do presentations for their office co-workers, management or a prospective client. However, most know that public speaking is the #1 fear in America. This course allows individuals to transform their stage presences using neurosciences. Participants will learn how to:

Adopt the beliefs and attitudes of master presenters, to be calm, balanced and centered, connect with your audience, structure language for optimal impact, structure presentation for everyone’s learning style. This should appeal to both the in-experience and the experienced.


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