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In a life-threatening scenario, you can’t take risks. Learning self-defense protocols such as martial arts take years of devoted study to master. Women may never develop the physical strength necessary to outmatch an attacker.

Fighting is always our last alternative in a crime situation.

Women don’t have the time to go through extensive training to learn how to protect themselves. That’s why I set out to find the best, most comprehensive, non-lethal, military grade chemical defense spray to protect myself and other women.

I created Enforcer Plus a 4 - 1 formulation to ward off an attacker. That's what you can purchase here as well as other defense tools.

Our philosophy for creating these revolutionary defense tools for women is that we don’t have to wait, we can protect ourselves NOW.

I want you to have peace of mind that you can be safer today.

Home Enforcer Plus Unit

The Enforcer Plus product was designed with an ergonomic easy actuator trigger spray that offers two locking safety positions one for you and a child safety. As a non-lethal self-defense spray, you don’t need to rely on learning new skills, such as operating a firearm or taser, that could further aggravate an aggressor, and put your family’s life in greater danger. You are armed at a moment’s notice, providing security and affordable peace of mind with the best protection.

The Enforcer Plus 4 oz. formulation is CS Military grade Tear Gas, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), Ultraviolet dye to help ID assailants, in a solvent base for immediate activation on skin, projects 6-8 feet in a strong stream to allow distance between you and the criminal.

Ideal to have one at the front door, night stand, laundry room, garage, each floor of your home for easy and quick access.

Personal Enforcer Plus Unit

The Personal Enforcer Plus Unit is accessible and accurate. It’s lightweight ½ oz. container, clip, and key release means you can always have one with you. The actuator cap also prevents accidental discharge. The Personal Enforcer Plus Unit includes the maxim strength formula like the Home Enforcer Plus.

Ideal for shopping, outings with friends, dropping off your car for repairs, valet parking.

Call Police Sign Banner

Place in the rear window of your car in case of emergency. Alerting motorists to make a call for you and deters perpetrators from stopping thinking the police will be arriving any moment.

Ideal for any family member. Place in glove compartment or vehicle safety kit in your trunk.

Security Door and Window Sticker

Give a clear message the burglar has an increased risk of getting caught.

Ideal for front and back door and all first story windows.

Door Wedge Alarm

Not only does the Door Wedge Alarm prevent burglars from entering your home, but the loud shrill sound also (120dB alarm) will deter intruders.

Ideal for bedroom, bathroom, apartments, dorms, front/back door, hotel rooms.

Personal Safety Bundle

The Personal Safety Bundle includes everything you will need to feel safe and have peace of mind that you can protect yourself. This is the best value.

  • 2 Personal Enforcer Plus Units
  • 1 Home Unit of Enforcer Plus
  • “CALL POLICE” sign for your car
  • Door & Window Security Stickers
  • Door Wedge Alarm
  • Living Safely in A Dangerous World Masterclass

*** Note: See your local laws.


The Enforcer Plus is a chemical defense spray used to temporarily deter an attacker to allow the user to escape harm from their assailant. Serious injury may occur both with proper and improper use of the product. When using Enforcer Plus, you may be exposed to the spray and you may suffer effects including, but not limited to, skin, eye, and respiratory burning and irritation. With your purchase you received lengthy safety presentation videos instructing on the proper use and safe handling of Enforcer Plus. ENFORCER PLUS AND VIDEO INSTRUCTION ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. CITIZEN CRIME STOPPERS, INC. MAKES NO WARRANTY THAT ENFORCER PLUS AND VIDEO INSTRUCTION SHALL BE MERCHANTABLE. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ENFORCER PLUS IS SOLD AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS AND THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF OTHER THAN THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES, IF ANY. Further, by purchasing Enforcer Plus, you, represent, warrant, acknowledge and agree that (i) you have reviewed the safety presentation videos, (ii) your use of the product is at your sole and absolute risk and (iii) you are of the minimum age in your state of residency to purchase Enforcer Plus.


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